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Randy Pausch (1960-2008) [25 Jul 2008|09:40pm]

Randy Pausch died today.

I am watching this tonight.
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Prediction: Dragon*Con 2008 Costumes [18 Jul 2008|09:55pm]
I predict that we'll see the following costumes at Dragon*Con 2008:

Dr. Horrible
(From Doctor Who) Naked Gooey Clone Martha Jones
"Dark Knight" movie Joker
Iron Man (though this is cheating-I know someone who's building the armor)

Maybe we won't see Naked Gooey Clone Martha. But dammit, we should! I feel the con is clamoring for this.
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Dragon*Con 2008: Whose Line gets cut [04 Jul 2008|04:41pm]
Oh heck.

I just got an announcement via Facebook telling me that there will be no Whose Line Improv competition at Dragon*Con this year.

That has consistently been one of my favorite parts of the con, and it will be missed.
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Wrestler Back Flips [28 Jun 2008|05:05pm]

That's just impressive.

(via Digg)
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George Carlin (1937-2008) [23 Jun 2008|03:05am]
One of my favorite stand-up comedians has died.

Goodbye, George.

That Was Unexpected [05 May 2008|11:28pm]
Join the Fight and take the Battlestar Galactica Personality Quiz! jointhefight.scifi.com

(Via brilliantnova)
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My First Thought On Seeing This Image [15 Apr 2008|09:42pm]
It had to be done....
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The Onion: Iron Man Trailer [15 Apr 2008|07:47pm]

This is so awesome.

I am very much looking forward to the movie, too.
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Where I Give David Tennant Wardrobe Advice [14 Apr 2008|08:58pm]
David Tennant needs to wear this in Series Four of Doctor Who.

That photo is from a really great costuming site you can find here. Thanks to alliemaddyn for pointing it out to me.
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Charlton Heston (1923-2008) [06 Apr 2008|01:57pm]
Charlton Heston passed away yesterday.

toddalcott has a really nice piece on his body of work here.

BSG Season 4, Episode 1 [04 Apr 2008|10:57pm]
That was a strong opening.
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Helter Skelter X [03 Apr 2008|10:57pm]

(Via MightyGodKing)
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Ochazuke [03 Apr 2008|10:50pm]
Tried ochazuke for the first time tonight.

Not bad.

I might pick up the pre-made spices for this stuff sometime.
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Space Elevator [31 Mar 2008|12:29am]
According to physicist Bradley Edward, it costs about $10,000 per lb to launch something into space, but a working space elevator would lower the cost to about $100 per lb.
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Bust a Move [29 Mar 2008|04:06pm]

I have no justification for enjoying this song and video.
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The Final Countdown [24 Mar 2008|12:28am]

I wanna dedicate this to whisperwords, because her Final Countdown ringtone persuaded me to pick it up for my mobile.
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Dream Casting (The Eleventh Doctor) [19 Mar 2008|11:11pm]
I have it.

The perfect actor to replace David Tennant.
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John Mayer loves Ron Paul [18 Mar 2008|11:37pm]

RIP Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008) [18 Mar 2008|07:59pm]
Arthur C. Clark passed away at the age of 90.

I'm rather fond of the film 2001.

Just an extraordinary man.

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Barack Obama on Ellen [06 Mar 2008|06:42pm]

After watching the youtube videos of Bush I posted, my friend Stony pointed me to this one of Obama dancing.

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